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Why choose a HD/IP CCTV system

These days live and playback clarity is top of the list when it comes to CCTV systems . The most common systems used to be analogue, nowadays High Definition (HD) and IP systems offer unrivaled clarity in both live and recorded images . These systems can be set up to record continuously, or only on detection of motion or both. Recordings are stored on an internal hard disk drive on the Digital Video Recorder (DVR), or Network Video Recorder (NVR on IP Systems). At Lenihan Security Systems we will design and install any CCTV system to fit your unique requirements. 

We give full training to end users which shows how to search , locate and download any footage very easily. These days footage is downloaded onto memory sticks or external hard-drives. More advanced CCTV systems can work alongside motion sensors to detect intruders, alert a remote monitoring station and contact key-holders and the Gardai (see our “remote cctv monitoring section) All systems now provide the facility to view remotely from a computer , tablet or phone.

We install all types of CCTV systems including:

  • Domestic, Commercial and Industrial CCTV

  • Cattle shed systems

  • HD & IP systems

  • Number plate capture

  • People counting (mostly used for supermarkets)

  • Covert cameras

  • Till scan systems

  • Wireless CCTV systems

Access Control Systems

Automated access prevents unauthorised access to your home or business. With the addition of an intercom you can regulate who accesses your premises. A GSM unit allows the gate or barrier to be opened remotely through your phone should you so wish . We can also arrange for gates to be made from a design of your own choosing.


Alarm Systems

Burglar alarms are an effective crime prevention deterrent. Our goal is to achieve the level of safety, security and peace of mind that you, your family and your business deserve. With a Burglar Alarm fitted and maintained by Lenihan Security Systems, you control every aspect of your home and business security.



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