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Choosing a fire alarm system

At Lenihan Security Systems we fit all types of Fire Alarm . A Fire alarm system design depends completely on the type of premises you wish to cover as regulations dictate the components needed. Lenihan Security Systems professionally implement all elements of fire alarm systems from design and installation through to commissioning and maintenance. Working closely with the client to advise and facilitate all requests.

Conventional system

Conventional fire alarm systems are the most basic way of providing a fire alarm for protection. An area is wired as a circuit (normally called a zone), starting at the control panel and ending at the last device. Smoke detectors, heat detectors and call points are placed on this circuit. A number of zones are required, depending on the building’s layout and size.

If an alarm occurs, the area affected shows up on the control panel in red L.E.D. The area then has to be searched to find out which device went into alarm – indicated by red L.E.D. on the device itself. Detectors and call points are run on one circuit, while sounders are on a separate circuit.

Addressable system

Addressable fire alarm systems are a more advanced way of providing fire alarm protection. The area is wired as a loop, starting and ending at the control panel. Smoke detectors, heat detectors, call points and sounders are placed on this loop. Sometimes a number of loops might be needed , depending on the building’s layout and size.

If an alarm occurs, both the location of the alarm and the affected device is indicated on the control panel. The device will also display a red indicator light to highlight its location.

Alarm Systems

Burglar alarms are an effective crime prevention deterrent. Our goal is to achieve the level of safety, security and peace of mind that you, your family and your business deserve. With a Burglar Alarm fitted and maintained by Lenihan Security Systems, you control every aspect of your home and business security.


CCTV Systems

Cameras are a great tool in the fight against crime. Lenihan Security Systems provide the design, installation and maintenance of HD and IP CCTV security systems for residential and commercial premises. We provide a wide range of security cameras suitable for homes and businesses installed at a competitive price.



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