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Ensuring your security

All Alarms fitted by Lenihan Security Systems come with 1 years Maintenance included. We offer maintenance services on all types of alarms systems. If you are interested in a maintenance contract for your alarm system, please contact Lenihan Security Systems to discuss your requirements. Maintenance contracts generally include regular inspection of your alarm system, assistance over the phone, access to our 24 hour emergency service with guaranteed call-out if required.

Our annual routine services include full inspection of your alarm systems , the replacement of any components that through natural use go faulty and the replacement of all batteries for wireless alarm systems. PSA ans NSAI regulations advise that all Intruder Alarms Systems receive two maintenance checks per annum. This will result in the system working to its full capacity and reduces significantly the chance of false alarms.

The following list shows some of the services that can be included in a maintenance service contract for all our Intruder Alarm Systems .

Maintenance services that can be included:

  • Burglar Alarm system check to relevant specifications

  • Inspection of all alarm points

  • Checking panel power supply and any remote power supplies

  • Check of all monitoring equipment

  • Alarm operation check

  • Check all sirens for correct operation

  • Check all batteries, fuses and connections

  • Check that the alarm system is operating as it should be

  • Check that all alarm points are working and operation is satisfactory

  • Service and or repair any minor faults

  • Inform system owner of any faults found and fixed

  • Replace ant batteries deemed necessary

  • Provide a signed engineer’s report

Access Control Systems

Automated access prevents unauthorised access to your home or business. With the addition of an intercom you can regulate who accesses your premises. A GSM unit allows the gate or barrier to be opened remotely through your phone should you so wish . We can also arrange for gates to be made from a design of your own choosing.


CCTV Systems

Cameras are a great tool in the fight against crime. Lenihan Security Systems provide the design, installation and maintenance of HD and IP CCTV security systems for residential and commercial premises. We provide a wide range of security cameras suitable for homes and businesses installed at a competitive price.



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