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Does your home or commercial alarm system require an upgrade , checkup or repair? At Lenihan Security we provide upgrade and repair services for all of home or commercial alarm systems. Our maintenance section covers checkup’s .

Alarm Upgrades

Your current alarm system may be pushing on in age or giving you false alarms and maybe not giving your home or business the security level you are happy with . Even if we did not fit it originally we can Upgrade any system . All our upgrades include a hybrid control panel which can facilitate both wired and wireless alarm points . You could for instance keep all your wired points and add such wireless devices as smoke detectors , movement detectors , panic buttons , door sensors etc.

With over 35 years experience we at Lenihan Security Systems have seen every alarm system there is and can easily upgrade and design a modern security system that is just right for your home or business . Of course to keep costs down we would try reuse any equipment you already have which is in good condition .

At Lenihan Security Systems we only ever use the very highest standard alarm equipment . We know your home or business will most likely be your biggest ever investment and you deserve a security system to mirror this . We pride ourselves in our after sales service and with over 35 years experience you can rest assured in the knowledge that with an upgraded alarm system from Lenihan Security Systems you are getting the very best .

Alarm Repairs

Most alarm systems can within reason be easily repaired . With over 35 years experience in the Security Industry we like to think we have come across and repaired any fault that can arise . A simple call to Lenihan Security Systems will be the first step to us fixing any problems your system may have and giving you back the piece of mind all alarms should provide .

Access Control Systems

Automated access prevents unauthorised access to your home or business. With the addition of an intercom you can regulate who accesses your premises. A GSM unit allows the gate or barrier to be opened remotely through your phone should you so wish . We can also arrange for gates to be made from a design of your own choosing.


Alarm Systems

Burglar alarms are an effective crime prevention deterrent. Our goal is to achieve the level of safety, security and peace of mind that you, your family and your business deserve. With a Burglar Alarm fitted and maintained by Lenihan Security Systems, you control every aspect of your home and business security.



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